Thursday, October 11, 2012

Disney Music makes everything better

Have you ever heard of this magical thing called pandora?
Well, it is the main reason why I actually don't mind sitting down to my computer to do homework.
Why, you ask?

because there is a Disney Music pandora station!!!

How amazing is that?!
I am a self-proclaimed Disney princess so being able to listen to all of the movie soundtracks makes me so happy and makes my work a little less horrible.

The horrible part is usually when I am doing my math homework.

I could talk until I am blue in the face, but when it comes to doing math problems... I am useless. But you know that won't stop me, being a busy bee I don't want anything to hold me back so I am using my resources. I have gotten a tutor and we just our exams back and I got a B!!
Take that math!

Small victory for me.

Well, it is almost the weekend and I am so excited because I have NO plans!!


I know that doesn't sound exactly what a college student should be excited about for their weekend plans, but I have been so busy with stuff for volunteering, that I cannot wait to just lounge around with no responsibilities.

Well, I have to go because Grey's Anatomy is on soon, and that is my favorite shows.

Here is an inspirational quote to keep you all going!

Try to be like the turtle - at ease in your own shell. 

Buzz on!

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